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Every human is the builder of a temple, called their body- Henry David Thoreau

What is happening during a Reiki session...

You are encourage to experience a Reiki treatment. This will tell a person all they need to know about what healing can happen with Reiki. Positive nourishing life-force energy begins flowing freely into every part of our being. Each session unblocks and integrates new energy levels pertaining to the pain source or issue to a particular physical area, emotional memory or thought pattern, where the healing priority is required at that moment, individually furthering a place of homeostasis. The number and frequencies of treatments vary on the individuals healing needs of a specific health condition or regular health maintenance program for adults, children, animals or situations. 

How does lasting healing happen?
As blocked energy surfaces to clear, balance, or release, Reiki Natural healing connects a high frequency multitude state of harmony and integrity, both within the person and between person and environment. Reiki seeks to strengthen the individual's innate ability to continually balance by optimizing to heal functions of the body, mind and spirit to sustain an overall feel good and have resilience. Reiki gives the body the energy it needs to reawaken the senses and heal itself.

Does Reiki work with conventional intervention therapies?
Reiki is a widely accepted healing art that gives us back the healing hands we had when we were born plus provides a precise new energy flow and method for healing. Reiki enhances, compliments and completes health care programs that many people desire and are searching for. Self care Reiki and professional hands-on or distant treatment are ways of receiving Reiki's healing properties. Recommendations for a lasting healing would be to receive a series of Reiki treatments, and Reiki training provides ongoing ability for clearing, cleansing, grounding, balancing and opening a healthier state of well-being for self and others.

How often does one need Reiki?

Creating peace and well-being is an individual unique healing path to inner balance in the gentlest way possible, discuss with your Reiki professional what form of Reiki care and frequency can best serve your healing needs. Practitioners can offer guidelines, considering there is no promise of results or guarantee a specific healing time.

What better place to connect with the healing energies of Reiki and Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are unique to the sacred healing art of Reiki natural healing. Reiki was introduced in 1936 to the Western World throughout Hawaii by our third Grand Master Hawayo Takata. When visiting Maui, you have a unique opportunity to experience something very special in booking your Reiki treatment or training combined with Hawaii's tropical healing energy. 

Hands On Reiki Treatment

Hands on sessions

Distant Reiki Treatment

Distant Healing

Reiki for Children

Keiki Reiki

In adult daily life, there are many ways to accumulate blocked energy debris or depletion of energy. Whether it is from a stressful job, non- essential environmental lifestyle choice, emotional or physical trauma related to a particular injury or accident. The physical organs and tissues will be adversely affected by a conditional response bringing on physical, emotional, and psychological ailments*.


*Examples of Labeled Ailments: Cold/Flu, Depression/Anxiety, Aches/Pains, Stress/Addiction, Disorders/Syndromes, Pre/Post Surgery, Pre/Post Fertility/Pregnancy/Birthing Process, Loss/Bereavement, Deficiencies/Imbalances, Dis-ease/Hospitalization, Pre/Post Cancer Process...

Disruptive situations that are on-going and struggling to flow are draining and depleting to ones personal energy. These experiences appear from the hidden unresolved thought patterns and inner belief systems learned from childhood and past experiences that in turn creates limitations on free-will and choice. The key is to unlearn these patterns and learn to "walk the walk" with ease. 

Reiki's healing properties frees and clears the energy to a particular situation resulting in being more successful in every area of life. The more involved in the co-creation process, develops the step by step growth opportunities that will come, is the beginning of natural maturation process. Trusting the intelligence within, where something else is to learn that is not yet recognized. This further unifies reconciliation on how to live through non-attachment and forgiveness by following ones own path, that all is well in the world. 

*Common Disruptive Situations: Relationships, Finances, Health, Endeavors, Travel, Ceremonies/Tests, Public Speaking, Courtroom Litigations, Retirement, Life/Career Changes, Accidents... 

Surrounding environment can appear chaotic, burdened or disharmonized when out of balance. Reiki works to clear, balance and allow the energy to move positively in all surrounding environments. Clutter gets reorganized clearing the flow in your living or work space. Objects that no longer serve a particular need begin to find a new purpose or new meaning of non attachment. The alignment of moving, buying or selling a home always happens in an even more synchronistic fashion and always better than it was before. 

Businesses with Reiki trained employees will only improve their production, quality of work, increased stamina, overall health decreasing missed work sick time, better attract people and money to abundantly flow smoother and effortlessly.

A first degree student is taught the 12 basic hand positions for self-treatment. The sacred initiations begins the healing energy to freely flow automatically from the hands of the practitioner, consciously or not. Self-treatments are the foundation of the practice and unique to Reiki with clearing the daily accumulated energy debris. Self treatments are best administered in the morning to energize the body and evening to prepare the body for a restful sleep. This continually allows oneself to use Reiki daily in various ways that open, balance and fine-tune your personal energy lasting a life-time. By doing so, Reiki is an invaluable nurturing gift to ourselves and everything you come into contact with.                                                                     

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Recommended reading but not required. 'Living a Life of Reiki' by Shalandra Abby, Reiki Master, is available to order online, Barnes and Noble Lahaina or I have copies available to purchase. Contact me for more information on scheduling a book study group in your community.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Reiki Natural Healing
  • Learn why doctors, nurses and health insurance companies are embracing Reiki across America and around the world.
  • See how Reiki goes beyond an amazing healing modality and benefits all aspects of life, including finances, career and overall health and happiness
  • Read dozens of real case studies where people have experienced healing with Reiki, from emotional pain to broken bones, diabetes to cancer and much more.


The eat, pray, love of Reiki. Very inspirational book and a wonderful way to either reconnect or be introduced to the Reiki Energy  - Joanna Wheeler, Sales Executive, Kauai, Hawaii